108 Beads Buddha Lotus Mala

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Buddha lotus is one of the most peaceful and calming symbols in the world. As a reminder to live in the present and focus on our inner peace, this bracelet is perfect for anyone.

It is a spiritual way to focus your mind and soul. It can be used for daily meditation as well as for healing purposes such as dispelling negative thoughts or anxiety. Prayer beads have been used for a thousand years as a form of meditation and prayer. Each bead represents a thought or concept that you would like to focus on during your meditation.

You can drop your favorite essential oil on the lava stone and let it absorb into the stones. The scent will bring peace and tranquility to your mind and your senses! This charming Buddha lotus mala bracelet is made from durable lava rock stone beads and strung together with an elastic band for a comfortable fit. Whether you wear this bracelet as a bracelet or a necklace, you are sure to make a statement with this unique piece.

Get this peaceful male to help center yourself during meditation and other spiritual practices.


Item Type:Bracelet
Materials:Lava Rock
Size: Approx.89-92cm
Bead Size: about 8mm
Weight: 100g

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