7 Chakra Stones Sri Yantra Charm Bracelet

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” The universe and all creation are there for you to connect to your spirit and you are special part of the whole. If you can sense the wonder of the vast infinite and eternal universe, your spirit will be lifted to great heights and you will tap the source of your life energy.”
–Timothy Simpson,Boredom to Brilliance

The universe is a wide space full of energy; an energy that extends its force within you!

You alone have a great swirling energy that provides you spirit and strength every day, it is called Chakras. These are the vortex of life force moving within the seven sections in your spine. They are responsible for the physical and mental harmony in your life and daily activities. Disturbed and blocked chakras lead to ailments, stress, fogged or confused mental capabilities.

The seven chakras are:

  • Root Chakra/ Muladhara– located in the base of the spine; responsible for career, financial mindset and sense of belongingness
  • Sacral Chakra/ Swadhisthana– situated in the lower abdomen, two inches below the navel; responsible for pleasure and sexuality
  • Solar Plexus Chakra/ Manipura– Located in the upper abdomen; responsible for personal controlling power and channeling.
  • Heart Chakra/ Anahata– located in the center of the chest, just above the heart; responsible for love, compassion, relationships, and self-appreciation.
  • Throat Chakra/ Vishuddha– situated in the throat area and is responsible for communication and expression.
  • Third Eye Chakra/ Ajna– situated between brows or in the forehead; it responsible for consciousness, intuition, and sense of life’s purpose
  • Crown Chakra/ Sahasrara– located at the top of the head and is responsible for your spiritual connection

The Sri Yantra also called the “Instrument of Wealth” is a sacred geometrical diagram consisting of a dot also called Bindu, triangles, layers of the sacred lotus flower, circles, and a square with a T-shaped ‘gates’. It is an instrument of achieving and fulfilling your desires and wishes of material and spiritual nature. It is the ultimate solution to your problems!

Combined in this 7 Chakra Stones Sri Yantra Charm Bracelet, achieving everything you want while creating and maintaining positive energy within you will equip you to face your tomorrows!

Specially hand-picked beads and skillfully polished bead spacers create an alluring piece that hugs your wrist! Wear this beautiful 7 Chakra Stones Sri Yantra Charm Bracelet now!

Product Details:

Item Type: Bracelet
Item Condition: Brand New
Material: Metal Alloy, Natural Stone, Glass
Bead Size: 8mm
Bracelet Length: 7.5 inch / 19cm
Pendant Size: Diameter is 0.6 inch / 1.6cm.
Cord Type: Elastic
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