Amulet of Abundance Citrine Pi Xiu Necklace

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Historically, Citrine was used as a protective talisman against the plague, evil thoughts, and as a charm against snakebites. The soldiers in Caesar’s legions wore citrine on their chest because the stone was believed to have life-saving properties in battle. It is recognized as the stone of light, sun, and life.

Citrine is good forgeneral psychic awareness and spiritual development. It clears the aura of negative energies and influences.It also helps to bring feelings of happiness, joy and clarity. It’s also a stone of manifestation, offering new beginnings and a fullness of life.

Citrine is a self-esteem stonewithpowers to heal the mind’sfeelings of inadequacy and deem itessential for handling negative criticism. It is also good as anenergizing stoneagainst power issues of willpower, optimism, confidence and self-discipline.

Pi Xiu is a legendary being that originated in China. He is the 9th son of the Dragon King that has been regarded as one whoattracts and keeps wealth and good fortuneof its owner or master.It has a head of a dragon, the body of a horse, horn of a deer, and claws of a lion and some are also shown with wings.


Item Type: Necklaces
Stone: Citrine
Chain Type: Beads, Rope

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Rope Chain, Beads Chain

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