Ancient Earth Grounding Bracelet

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Highly attuned to the Earth’s electromagnetic fields and energy systems, the Ancient Earth Grounding Braceletprovides a remarkable ability during meditation to merge with the consciousness of Earth. It allows access to the vast records stored within the planet’s mineral data base, and may be used to view the world’s history and connect with the energy of sacred sites and ancient civilizations.

The jasper healing properties bring strong healing and nurturing energies to provide you with courage and wisdom. APicture Jasper stoneis often referred to as the Stone of Global Awareness because of its deep connection with the Earth. It is widely used inmeditationto merge with the consciousness of the Earth, helping you to connect with the Earth’s grounding andjoyful energies. As a nurturing and protective stone, the picture jasper meaning helps to bring you comfort, alleviating any fear, stress or anxiety you may be feeling. It stimulates the root chakra, filling your body with grounding, spiritual energy.

A nurturing, protective stone, this Ancient Earth Grounding Braceletwill bring comfort and alleviates fear, stimulating not only theBase Chakrain providing physical and spiritual energy for the body, but also activates theThird Eye Chakraenhancing visualization. It instills a sense of proportion and harmony, enlivening one’s creativity and initiative, and is a marvelous talisman for bringing hidden emotions to the surface for healing.

Product Details:

  • Item Type:Bracelet
  • Item Condition:Brand New
  • Cord Type: Leather
  • Clasp Type: Easy Hook
  • Material:Natural Stone, Metal Alloy
  • Length:83cm|33 inches (adjustable with 3 closures)
  • We do not ship to APO, FPO Address
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