Angel Spirit Orgone Necklace

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Have you ever wondered what kind of angelic spirits might be whispering to you when wearingan orgone necklace

According to some, wearing an orgone necklace can help you connect with your angelic side and gain guidance. The healing power of the angels is thought to flow through the pendant of the orgone necklace, which itself contains natural crystals and metals that help to amplify the healing energies.

Simply by wearing the necklace you’re inviting the angels to help you set and achieve goals in life. By harmonizing your energy feel with the angelic realm, you will be able to experience more harmony and abundance in your life.

Wearing the necklace will also help you ground your energy in times of stress and promote spiritual well-being.


Item Type:Home Decor
Materials:Resin, Rope
Pendant Size: approx 1.57 in
Quantity: 1pc

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