Azure Guardian Lapis Lazuli Orgone Necklace

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Inspired by the research of Dr. Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian psychiatrist, Orgonite is an energy healing device made from crystals, metals, and resin. He found out that organic materials attract and retain orgone energy, while inorganic metals both attract and repel at the same time.

Dr. Reich’s discovery of orgone energy proved incredibly beneficial for health. Although its side effects vary from person to person, it is confirmed to have a positive outcome on all.

The universal symbol of truth and wisdom, the Lapis Lazuli known to be a stone used to present to the royal families in ancient Egypt. It is used to ornate the breastplates of High Priest, burials of kings and queens and many more. It is a symbol showing the status of being a god.

The orgone energy transmitted by our Azure Guardian Lapis Lazuli Orgone Necklace will constantly protect you wherever you go by obstructing the electromagnetic radiations. It also enhances your overall wellness and imbues your body with more energy and verve.


Item Type: Necklaces
Pendant Size: 36mm x 11mm
Materials: Lapis Lazuli, Gold Foil, Resin
Chain Type: Rope Chain
Chain Length: approx 64cm (adjustable)

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