Balancing Buddha Obsidian Necklace

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Buddhism is more than just a religion, it’s a way of life.And in this discipline, the image of Buddha is a constant reminder of its teachings. His image is a depiction of Siddharta Gautama’s enlightenment and greatness.

The Black Obsidian stone is known to havepowerful healing properties.One of which is to clear a negative psychic smog within your aura. Its metaphysical properties also serves as a protective shield against negative energies.

Hand-made with intense craftsmanship and love, this Balancing Buddha Obsidian Necklace in Asana Amulet Necklace will give you the healing and protection you need while being reminded of living a simple and moral life, full of contentment, compassion, wisdom, and understanding.


Item Type: Necklaces
Chain Type:
Rope Chain
Stone: Black Obsidian
Pendant Size: 4.9cm x 3.2 cm
Weight: 32g

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