Baltic Amber Deep Healing Bracelet

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According to legend, the origins of Baltic Amber date back to a Lithuanian tale about Jurate the Queen of the Sea. The plots varies widely between different versions, however the most popular stories describe Jurate as an underwater Goddess; sometimes known as a Mermaid or Undine who lived in her beautiful amber castle in the Baltic Sea. The castle exploded into millions of pieces and it is said that this is why pieces of Amber now come ashore after a storm on the Baltic Sea.

As such, Amber has a strong connection with the past.

The energy of amber is bright and cheery, so it can be good stone to have around if you need a burst of positivity. The stone is very light so is ideal for jewelry, and unlike other crystals, it isn’t cold to touch. Amber has a long history and has been found in the burial sites of ancient peoples – this may be because it was regarded as having purifying properties.

Keep your Baltic Amber Deep Healing Bracelet in its original packaging or in a pouch to keep it protected. If in need of cleaning, this can be done occasionally with a soft cloth to bring out its natural shine; don’t use any harsh cleaning chemicals as this may damage it. Avoid using perfume and hairspray when wearing youramber bracelet and keep out of direct sunlight; natural amber can dull or discolor over time if exposed.


Item Type: Bracelet
Stone:Baltic Amber
Size: about 20cm

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