Baltic Amber Deep Healing Necklace

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Amber is often referred to as the sun stone and has a personality that almost makes you smile when you hold it. It’s not a crystal, but rather the fossilized resin of trees, which in some cases formed millions of years ago.

The energy of amber is bright and cheery, it’s a good stone to have around if you need a burst of positivity. The stone is very light so it’s ideal for jewelry.

Amber has a long history and has been found in the burial sites of ancient peoples – this may be because it was regarded as having purifying properties.

When not in use, keep your Baltic Amber Deep Healing Necklace in its original packaging or in a pouch to keep it protected.

If in need of cleaning, this can be done occasionally with a soft cloth to bring out its natural shine; don’t use any harsh cleaning chemicals as this may damage it. Avoid using perfume and hairspray when wearing your Baltic Amber Deep Healing Necklace and keep out of direct sunlight; natural amber can dull or discolor over time.


Item Type: Necklaces
Stone: Baltic Amber,Tianhe/Amazonite
Chain Type: Rope
Size: about 40cm
Weight: about 7.9g

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