Beautiful Quartz Open Cuff Bangles

$ 19.99


Wear the ultimate healer among all stones

Imagine slipping on your wrist the stone that can be used for any and all ailments. Believed to be the master healer, the clear quartz stimulates the immune system and restores the body back into perfect balance.

Quite powerful, it has the sun as its ruling planet and is in harmony with all the four elements. The clear quartz primarily responds to the crown chakra but it can be used to level all of the seven chakras.

Historically, this stone has been valued by many civilizations. It intensifies positive energy and thought and ward off the negative. It is deemed to increase psychic abilities.

Impressively potent, the clear quartz aids concentration and memory. Use it to illuminate your dreams and manifest your desires.

When placed with other crystals and gemstones, the clear quartz amplifies their energies and metaphysical properties.


Item Type: Bracelets

Bangles Diameter: Approx 6.5cm / 2.56 inches

Bangles Inner Circumference: Approx 13.72cm / 5.4 inches

Metal Colors: Gold

Crystals: Rose Quartz,Kyanite,Amethyst,White Crystal,Green Fluorite,Citrine

Quantity: 1pc

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