Blue Opal Turtle Necklace

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Everything about the turtle is magical and mysterious. It is the totem of wisdom seekers and are symbols of vision and oracles. Its shell has been regarded as a map of mysteries whether it be a map of treasures, or a magical code of ancient magic.The turtle is also regarded as an embodiment of a long and rich, fruitful life. They are wardens of ancient knowledge as their lifespan can stretch to over 100 years.

Opal is a fascinating stone that is also called the “Eye Stone” increasing the powers of the eyes and the mind and was considered the most bewitching and mysterious of gems. It stimulates intuition and insight that allows the user to pick up buried thoughts, feelings, emotions, and desires. These are amplified and returned to the source allowing understanding and transformation. It is also a protection stone shielding you from absorbing negative energies by purifying them. It is a karmic stone reminding you that what is given is returned.

It is a stone of water that can soothe emotions while boosting positive vibes enkindling optimism and enthusiasm for the realization of joy and purpose in life. It enhances self esteem, confidence, and self worth that allows you to actualize your full potential. It brings spontaneity and encourages creativity, originality, and interest in the arts. This stone will increase your personal power andsymbolises magic, love, passion, progress, hope, happiness and truth acting as an intensifier that releases inhibitions.

Product Details:

  • Item Condition:Brand New
  • Item Type:Pendant
  • Pendant Type:Slide
  • Material:S925 Sterling Silver, Opal
  • Pendant Size: 2.3cm x 2cm | 0.9in x 0.8in
  • Chain Length: 40cm | 15.7in
  • We do not ship to APO, FPO Address
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