Bodhi Root Enlightenment Bracelet

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This Bodhi root bracelet is known to be sacred, especially in Buddhism. Under this divine Bodhi tree at Bodh, Gaya Buddha reached enlightenment, which made it believe that the seed of this tree is a great tool for meditation. Therefore it holds a sacred place in your heart especially if you are Hindu or a Buddhist.

According to research. Meditating with Bodhi seed has a similar benefit if you squeeze a stress ball it can give a sense of calmness and peace to your heart and mind. It also has a lot of healing benefits which includes

  • Strengthening of mental health
  • Improves memory
  • Cures asthma

Get this Bodhi Root Enlightenment Braceletto attain enlightenment!


Item Type: Bracelets
Materials: Bodhi Seed Beads, Wax Rope
Size: about10 by 11mm
Item Weight: about 20-30g
Wrist circumference:about 20-21cm

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