Boho Dreamcatcher Feather Pendant Necklace

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The dream catcher holds great meaning to Native American tribes. It’s used to protect infants in their cribs and would typically be hung over them. Later on, dream catchers were associated with the New Age movement, gaining popularity as a spiritual object.

It was believed that dream catchers could catch any harm that hung in the air, in the same way that a spider web can catch whatever it comes into contact with.

Native Americans believed that at night, the air is full of good and bad dreams. The dream catcher helps to sort these out, keeping the bad dreams away from you and helping the good dreams to get to them. Itacts like a spiderweb, snagging the bad dreams which get destroyed when the sun rises and filtering the good dreams which are gently helped by the feathers to get to you.

ThisBoho Dreamcatcher Feather Pendant Necklacehas a bohemian style – embraced by those who love natural designs and a back-to-nature vibe.


Item Type: Necklaces
Metals Type:
Zinc Alloy
Style: Bohemian
Pendant Size: 85cm

Note:We used artificial feathersmade from polyester materialsto look like real feathers.

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