Bracelet of Protection

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Is it nice to know that you have a bracelet that will protect you from harm

The word agate was enlivened by the Achates River in Sicily, Italy, where huge stores of this crystal were tracked down in those days in Imperial Rome. The ancient Romans and Greeks asserted these stones were rampant in their place. There are also archeological discoveries that follow this gemstone back to the Neolithic era and found out that it was a famous crystal even in the old Egyptian and Babylonian communities.

This bracelet is carefully handpicked by our creative artisans to ensure that it is made of high-quality materials. It also has a lot of healing benefits which include:

  • Decreases stomach cramps
  • Stabilizes your energies
  • Attracts positive energies only

Item Type:
Weight: 20g
Materials: Gray agate beads, Hetian jade barrel beads, copper gold-plated
about 14-16cm
Bead Size:
about 8mm

Protect your body from negative energies with thisBracelet of Protection!

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