Chrysanthemum Fossil Coral Stone Multi Wrap Bracelet

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Fossil Coral or “Agatized Fossil Coral” is a remarkable gemstone formed by ancient corals as the coral remains are gradually replaced with agate, chalcedony, or quartz. Ancients believed it to be a gem that contained divine blood that protects against evil spirits and the evil eye. As a stone full of marine energy, it is a gemstone that can help calm the storms of life and is an excellent protection stone for travels on or near water. Channeling powers from the ocean, it spreads life energy, promotes long life, and increases luck with health.

Fossil Coral is also helpful controlling outbursts keeping tempers from flaring with its cool and calming energy. It helps resist negative emotions or negative enrages. It is an effective stone that promotes inner peace and quiets disruptive thoughts.

The combination of quartz (recorder of past, present, and future) and fossil make it the most desirable tool for working on past life memories. It is believed that it is a gift from the stars that can enhance telepathic communication with other realms and dimensions as well.

ThisChrysanthemum Fossil Coral Stone Multi Wrap Bracelet is adorned with a beautiful mix of natural stone beads selected piece by piece to ensure the high quality of this product. The natural fossil coral stone creates a beautiful chrysanthemum pattern forever locked in stone. The length of the genuine leather cord of the bracelet allows you to wrap it around the wrist with three clasp holes for a perfect fit. The silver claps button is made with high quality stainless steel that will not tarnish or oxidize.

Product Details:

  • Item Type:Bracelet
  • Item Condition:Brand New
  • Clasp Type:Easy-hook
  • Material:Stainless Steel, Genuine Leather, ChrysanthemumFossilCoral Stone, Jasper, Turquoise, Agate
  • Length:83.5cm | 33in (Adjustable)
  • We do not ship to APO, FPO Address
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