Clarity of Soul Quartz Jewelry Set

$ 23.95


The clarity of the soul quartz jewelry set is perfect for anyone who desires to feel elevated and connected to their intuition. It features a bracelet and a necklace made with Clear Quartz crystals, which are known to aid in clarity and personal power.

They are said to help the user connect to their own inner wisdom while helping them feel strong and fearless. It is made by our creative artisans to ensure that these are made of high-quality materials.

It is often used to:

  • Ignite memory
  • Sharpening concentration
  • Promotes spiritual growth

Connect to your intuition by wearing thisClarity of Soul Quartz Jewelry Set!


Item Type:Pendulum
Materials:Clear Quartz
Weight: about 20g
Bead Size: about 20mm
Necklace Size: about 16.5in
Necklace Perimeter: about 33in

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