Clear Quartz Positivity Bracelet

$ 18.65


Clear Quartz Crystals have very high vibrations. They strongly resonate within the eighth chakra bearing its white color. It also resonate within all the chakras especially the higher chakras.

The mind and heart become more open to higher guidance and will assist the higher chakras to emit white light and aid you to reach the higher spiritual realms more easily.

Clear Quartz produces a field of healing negative ions while removing positive ions to protect the aura.

TheLotus symbolizes the purity of the human mind and soul. Resting your gaze on the lotus alone can enlighten your spirit and enhance your mental growth. The beautiful flower grows amidst the mud but always remains unaffected by the dirt.

Our Clear Quartz Positivity Braceletuses beautiful real clear quartz crystals in its purest raw form. It brings strength and clarity to the intellect, aids concentration and memory retention, and filters out distractions.


Item Type: Bracelet
Shape: Irregular
Bracelets Feature: Clear Crystal Stone, Silver-plated Alloy
Inner Perimeter: approx. 18.5cm
Bracelets Length: approx. 21cm
Bracelets Thickness: approx. 8mm

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