Deep Healing Natural Japamala Beads Necklace

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ThisDeep Healing Natural Japamala Beads Necklaceis carefully handmade with 108 natural genuine beads, various chakra gemstone beads and the lotus moon for the pendant. Your mala can be worn as a necklace or used for meditation. It features a beautiful silver platedlotus moon pendant. The beads are 6mm. The length is about 89cm.

TheLotus symbolizes the purity of the human mind and soul. Resting your gaze on the lotus alone can enlighten your spirit and enhance your mental growth. The beautiful flower grows amidst the mud but always remains unaffected by the dirt. The moon representsspiritual awakening.

Thesmokey quartz,improves creativity, and problem-solving; theSunstone, brings happiness, joy, and mental clarity, brings meaning into your meditation practice; theAfricanturquoisebrings structure, balance, and prosperity; theLapisenhances memory and intellectual abilities. effective communication and harmonious relationships; theAmethystimproves intellectual thought; theAquamarinegood luck, fearlessness, protection; theApatiteencourages creativity.

It gives the overall energy you need for everyday life. Perfect healing and harmonizing stone.Thanks to thegemstones that match your body, itharmonizes the energy flows in the body to realign and rebalance the vibrations

Designed with natural stones and ideal to focus attention during meditation and mantra affirmations.It provides incredible benefits for the mind and spirit, and is very comfortable to wear.


Item Type: Bracelet

Metals Type: Zinc Alloy

Gender: Unisex

Material:Natural Gemstones

Pendant Size: about 3.8cm x 3.8cm

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