Dharma Wheel of Life Necklace

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“You are dharma. You are a wheel and the wheel of dharma spins”Frederick Lenz

This sacred necklace symbol of the Dharma Wheel, otherwise called Dharmachakra is an image that reflects the lessons of the Buddha and portrays dharma, which the Buddhists show as the way to reach peace of mind or Nirvana.

This jewelry will assist you during your reflection and meditation. The Dharma Wheel Dharmachakra is more than 1,000 years of age and even up to the present day it has the ability to lead people to enlightenment. It aims to help you continue a simple life and follow Buddha’s lessons.

It also has a lot of healing benefits which include:

  • Improve your well-being
  • Strengthens mental health
  • Heals chronic health problems

Navigate your own wheel of life with thisDharma Wheel of Life Necklace!


Item Type:Necklace
Chain: 60cm
Color: Ancient bronze
Size: about 4.5cm
Weight: about 30g

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