Divine Union Obsidian Necklace Set

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Obsidianis theStone of Truth, shows the unbridled truth that allows you to see both negative and positive traits that allows them to rise above what needs to be improved.A volcanic glass that haspowerful healing propertiesthattakes millions of years to form and take shape.

Obsidian is apowerful cleanser of psychic smogcreated within your aura, and is astrong psychic protection stone. It has powerful metaphysical properties that will shield you against negativity and stress.

A”VITALITY” stonetoconnect you to your soul’s purpose. It can shield you from getting affected by malignant energies and alsohelp keep your thoughts positive.

Legends told of the perfect symbol of true love. The Phoenix and the Dragon are powerful legendary animals that represent the ultimate Yin and Yang, complimenting each other to create balance and romantic bliss. This celestial couple is the symbol of everlasting love and grants success, prosperity, and blessings to both masculine and feminine luck. Placing a Dragon and a Phoenix together strengthens relationships and even rekindles the connection between couples for their love and passion to last forever.

These two are the most sacred animals used as emblems of emperors and empresses. The indisputable majesty of the Dragon represents the Yang qualities of male vigor, fertility, power, success, wisdom, prosperity, and authority. The unmistakeable splendor of the Phoenix symbolizes grace, purity, health, renewal, transformation, and female beauty.

Get these 2 handcrafted necklacesfor the price of 1!


Item Type: Necklace SetMain Stone: Obsidian
Pendant Size: 46mm x 28mm
Shape:Yin Yang
Pattern/Design: Dragon and Phoenix
Chain Length:62cm

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