Divine Wisdom Rainbow Moonstone Necklace

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Often seen as a spectrum of light or mists passing by the moon, Moonstone hypnotizes and attracts gem collectors of various societies with its magnificent features.

The lustrous rainbowlike glow features magnificence ought to have a deeper meaning. As it is exceptionally esteemed by priests, shamans, mystics, and lovers from different religions. It is a crystal for wishes, wisdom and, balance, and it also strengthens the feminine side.

If you wear this Moonstone every day you will start to feel the positive energies that revolve around you and use it effectively. According to experts, If the crystal is clearer then it can provide a more colorful luster that has stronger healing properties.

Aside from the benefits mentioned above it can also:

  • Lessen your menstrual problem
  • Improves digestive system
  • Lessens obesity

Experience the magic of the moon with thisDivine Wisdom Rainbow Moonstone Necklace!


Item Type: Necklace
Material: Moonstone
Weight: about 10g

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