Energy of Love Bracelet

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The beauty of Rhodochrosite is certain, both for its raspberry-pink to rose-red tone and for the throbbing electrical energy of love it transmits.

While all pink stones promote unlimited love, according to Robert Simmons in The Book of Stones, Rhodochrosite radiates one of the most delicate and adoring energies of any stone, relieving the heart, ameliorating the spirit, and vibrating to the frequencies of inward peace. It is a wonderful charm of euphoria and healing, of accepting one’s legitimate powers and ascending to one’s maximum potential.

Wearing, carrying, or reflecting with Rhodochrosite helps make one lively, active and dynamic. It is intellectually invigorating, enhancing your creative juices, dream states, and loving yourself more. It also allows articulation or expression of feelings and can boost passion and sexuality.

To help you open your heart to universal love, get this Energy of Love Bracelet now!


Item Type: Bracelet
Material: Rhodochrosite, Copper
Size:Perimeter: about 16cm-30cm
Chain Type: Rope Chain
Clasp Type: Lace-up

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