Glowing Heart Crystal Bracelet

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If you have seen a Malachite gemstone, then you alreadysaw its natural beauty, but what about its healing properties

Healinggemstones are rampant and Malachite is one of them. Malachite has been associated with specialjewelry since the ancientEgyptians, Greeks, and Romans. It wasbelieved that Malachite would secure against the evil eye. During the Middle Ages, Malachite was worn bychildren to secure them against dark sorcery and witchcraft. It was believed that Malachite had warning signals and it can sense if there’s danger nearbyand eventually would break into pieces.

There are many other advantages related to Malachite like giving security, reducing negativity, and enhancing mental and physical well-being, detoxifying your liver, your energy levels,reducing swollen joints, and helping to alleviate menstruation.

To reap the healing properties of this Glowing Heart Crystal Bracelet, buy it now!


Item Type: Bracelet
Material: Amethyst, Sunstone, Malachite, Alloy
Chain Type: Rope Chain
Clasp Type: Toggle-clasps
Size:approx 19cm

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