Golden Glow Citrine Wealth Bracelet

$ 13.99


Citrine is also called The Merchant’s Stone for its renowned powers of attracting wealth, success, and prosperity while helping maintain such abundance. It is a stone of manifestation and encourages the fullness of life. It carries the powerful energy of the sun and is warm, energizing, comforting, and full of life.

Just like the spring sunlight melting the snow letting the flowers bloom, it lovingly clears away the negativity. Its pure yellow energy allows the spirit to be radiant filling you with optimism, creativity, and all things good. Citrine clears the mind that activates the imagination, opens it to new ideas, and stirs your will to take action.

Jade is a stone that offers protection and supports vitality, abundance, and heart energy. Another meaning for Jade is that of gentleness, harmony, and balance.

Let this Golden Glow Citrine Wealth Bracelet be a reminder ofthe love that is all around you, the abundance you already have, and the joy that is accessible to you in every single moment.


Item Type: Bracelets
Natural Stones: Citrine, Green Jade
Other Beads: Synthetic Glass Beads
Beads Size: approx 6mm and 7mm
approx 17g

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