Green Jade Drop Earrings

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Historians have traced the use of Jade all the way back toaboutten thousandyears ago. When you wear or hold Jade, you are potentially holding and wearing the same stone as our ancestors did nearly ten millennium years ago.

Jade stone is oftenseen as a representation of purity or purification.

It’s also a stone that offers protection and supports vitality, abundance, and heart energy. Another meaning for Jade is that of gentleness, harmony, and balance.

In early times, wearing Jade jewelry or carrying a Jade talisman has offered people the best protection possible against harmful entities and deceitful spirits.

Jade is the perfect crystal for finding emotional balance and healing of the emotional body. It opens the Heart Chakra, cleansing and aligning it with physical and emotional health and well-being.

Let this Green Jade Drop Earrings be a reminder ofthe love that is all around you, the abundance you already have, and the joy that is accessible to you in every single moment.


Item Type: Earrings
Stone: Green Jade
Metals Type: 925 Sterling Silver
Bead Size: approx 10mm

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