Hamsa and Evil Eye Leather Bracelet

$ 24.95


“Let no sadness come to this heart, let no trouble come to these arms, let no conflict come to these eyes”

This Hamsa hand is famously known for attracting positive energy, foiling negative energies and can even protect you from the evil eye.

This hamsa hand symbolizes a lot for the different religions in the world. It came from the Hebrew word” hamesh” which means five, because it has five fingers on it. Butt the number five has other additional symbolic meaning in the Jewish traditions because it symbolizes the five books of the Torah for Jews. While in Islam it represents the five pillars.

This bracelet brings favorable luck and pushes off evil, it will depend on how you wear it. If the hand faces downwards, you are welcoming the abundance and good luck of the universe. A hand that faces upward, will avoid the hostile star of the evil eye, and protects you from misfortune.

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