Higher Vibes Collection

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“Trust in dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity.” -Khalil Gibran

Coral Jade is a symbol of happiness and eternity. It is a stone framed by ancient corals. It takes 20 million years before it can form, during the process, the corals were being fossilized with Agate.

This gemstone can also lessen negative thoughts such as hallucinations and rather promotes inner peace. Some say many sailors use this as a talisman during stormy days and use it to have a peaceful voyage. You can choose whether you want a set, bracelet, or necklace only.

It is carefully handpicked by our creative artisans to ensure that it is made of only high-quality materials.

This Higher Vibes Collection will guide you to find inner peace and eternity.


Item Type: Necklace and Bracelet
Material: Amethyst, Coral Jade, Purple Onyx Pendant
Pendant Size: About 1.49 x 2.28 in
Bracelet Size: about7.16in
Necklace Size: about 35in

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