Interstellar Healer Gemstone Bracelet

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Did you know that the universe is expanding The universe is huge and growing bigger every day! Our galaxy, the Milky Way, is only one of many galaxies out there.

With this bracelet, you can have your solar system orbiting around your wrist. The magic of the galaxy and the imagination of our creative minds are combined to make this bracelet. The universe wraps around your wrist and each crystal bead in our solar system represents each planet in our galaxy.Those small black beads represent outer space while the tiny shiny silver powder black beads represent the stars. Each planet has its own colored crystal bead.

Wear this bracelet on your wrist as a representation of our vast universe and the infinite possibilities that it holds for us.


Item Type:Bracelet
Materials:Blue Tiger Eye, Blue Sandstone, Tiger Eye, Striped Agate, Clear Quartz, Red Tiger Eye, Opalite, Citrine and Obsidian
Bead Size: about 6-14mm
Wrist Size: about 6.6-8.2in
Weight: about 21.2g

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