Jasper Chakra Necklace

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Everything in the universe is made up of energy, that includes every human being living on this planet. That energy swirling inside your body is called Chakra. Chakra is centered starting at the base of your spinal column up to the top of your head.

There are seven major chakras that have a great role in the balance and health of your body. They are responsible for the energy within the range of specific chakra. Here’sthe7 chakra swirling in your body and their meanings:

  • The Root Chakra-Muladhara
  • The Sacral Chakra-Svadhishana
  • The Solar Plexus Chakra-Manipura
  • The Heart Chakra-Anahata
  • The Throat Chakra-Vishuddha
  • The 3rd Eye Chakra-Ajna
  • The Crown Chakra-
  • Sahaswara
  • If there’s anything that will keep you positive, it’s definitely this Jasper Chakra Necklace. Each natural stone is unique (just like you), colors and shape will vary slightly, making this beautiful handmade item truly one of a kind.


    Item Type: Necklace
    Metals Type:
    Zinc Alloy
    Stones: Jasper, Agate
    Size: approx33.5 inches
    Making Technics:Handmade

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