Lucky Pixiu Pendant Necklace

$ 24.99


Is there anything as charming and alluring as a lucky pixiu

This diminutive and mystical creature is said to bring good luck, prosperity, love and happiness.Pixiu is translated as “little dragon” in the Chinese language and is also a symbol of eternity and good fortune in Feng shui.

This necklace is carefully handpicked by our creative artisans to ensure that it is made of high-quality materials. This pixiu necklace is often used to:

  • Attract wealth
  • bless relationships
  • keep away evil spirits

Wear this Lucky Pixiu Pendant Necklace to protect you from negative energy and give you an extra dose of luck and positivity.


Item Type:Necklace
Material: Zinc alloy, red rope
Length: about 10in adjustable

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