Luminous Abundance Diffuser Bracelet

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Are you looking for abracelet and a cost-effective diffuser at the same time Our Luminous Abundance Diffuser Braceletis for you!

The striking color of Jasper is said to bring happiness, sense of completeness and very nurturing for the soul. It also helps to eliminate electromagnetic and environmental pollution and even absorb your fear and worries. While the molten Lava stone is labeled as the “natural diffuser” because it can hold your favorite scent wherever you are! Many studies have shown that it can lessen your muscle tension and your anxiety as well.

Aromatherapy began 4000 years ago by our ancestors. Since then, it is believed that it can improve the overall physical and emotional state of a person. It is derived from a French word ‘aromatherapie’, it is a combination of the Greek word ‘aroma’ which means sweet odor and ‘therapeia’ meaning healing.

Getour Luminous Abundance Diffuser Bracelet and a world of health benefits will come on your way!


Item Type:Bracelet
Material:ImperialJasper, Lava Stone, Elastic StringSize:around 19.5cm

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