Malachite Leather Wrap Bracelet

$ 24.95


Malachite both illustrate reality and offer protection at the same time.

It has been used as a charm for protection and cosmetics since Ancient Greece and Egypt. According to legend, it works well as a talisman against the evil eye and acts as a grounding stone, which also promotes harmony and a sense of connection with nature.

It is regularly used to:

  • Boost originality
  • Relieves digestive problem
  • Deepens your spiritual life

You can cleanse a Malachite by placing it on your window to catch the moonlight. You can also put the Malachite beside a Clear Quartz or Selenite to recharge it.

Wear this Malachite Leather Wrap Bracelet to shield yourself from negative energy!


Item Type:Bracelet
Materials: Jasper, Malachite, Metal
Size: 19.7 inches+3 closures

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