Natural Hetian Jade Pendant Necklace

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Hetian Jade is considered a panacea and is associated with fortune, love, and health luck. It is believed that if you own this gemstone you will be able to earn the happiness that you want.

Hetian Jade is also called “Nephrite” Some believed that it has a long and beautiful history and has been used since the age of “BC”. Out of all the variants of Jade, this gemstone received the highest evaluation. In addition, its production is fastly decreasing, and it’s slowly becoming a rare gemstone.

This gemstonebenefitsyouthe most whenyou keep it close toyou at all times, such as wearing it as your necklace.By having this pendant necklace near you, its energy and powers can permeate your aura and can help to cure your illnesses. Moreover, meditating with it can help you in connecting with the Divine.

Acquire this Natural Hetian Jade Pendant Necklace and get to experience its divine powers!


Item Type:Necklace
Materials: Natural Hetian Jade, Rope
Pendant Size: approx 38mm x 38mm

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