Natural Lapis Lazuli Orgonite Pendant Necklace

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Lapis Lazuli is believed to enhance the higher levels of the mind empowering clarity and objectivity. Lapis Lazuli is said to work with self-knowledge and self-articulation and, when also used in meditation, to boost your psychic capacity and spiritual life. In healing, it adjusts the Throat Chakra and the Brow Chakra.

This pendant is a creation of precious stones and metals from the most distant ranges of the earth. The speculative chemistry of this pendant has required thousands of years to develop. This powerful tool is handcrafted with love and quality raw materials into a powerful necklace with energetic properties to assist you with exploring the uncertain life you live in. This mixture of materials is usually called ‘orgone’ and they are expertly consolidated to make a power field that is defensive from low energy frequencies like EMFs, electrosmog, wireless technology negative energies, and psychic attacks. The nano metals and mineral powders make an orgone field (positive life force) that can protect you from other negative forces.

To break free from negative energies, get this Natural Lapis Lazuli Orgonite Pendant Necklace.


Item Type: Necklace
Metals Type: Lapis Lazuli, Resin
Pendant Size: 3.9cm
Weight: 15g
Chain Type: Rope Chain

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