Nature??s Peace White Jade Necklace

$ 26.95


White Jade is best known to block distractions allowing the best results to reveal themselves when making a decision.

Auspicious Clouds represent the heavens and also “good luck” in Chinese culture. Because the Chinese word for cloud (yun) is pronounced the same as yun meaning “luck” or “fortune”.

This stone may reduce the chances of being overwhelmed when you are awakening to the spiritual world. White jade will help you with dream work and prophetic dreams, it raises your consciousness gently and safely.It calms and relaxes you.

White Jadehas also been used for centuries as a lucky charm – capable of bringing harmony to your life. During meditation, it can help you connect to the higher planes and during the activation of the seventh chakra.

Dipped in 18K gold,ourNature’s Peace White Jade Necklace holds a beautiful jade crystal in its purest raw form.


Item Type: Necklace
Jade, Agate
Chain:18k 925 (it is made of both 18k solid gold parts and solid silver parts)
Pendant:30mm x 20mm
Length: approx 16.90 in
Net Weight: about6.6g

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