Orb of Opportunity Tiger??s Eye Necklace

$ 25.97


Red Tiger Eye emits positive energies that came from the Earth as it brings force to your root chakra. It is important to balance your root chakra because it is the base that stimulates your other chakras.

It is likewise an extraordinary stone that also activates the kundalini energy, which leads to natural awakening. Kundalini awakening the spirals of Life Force energy throughout your will lead you to a profound spiritual experience.

It is often used to:

  • Attracts wealth
  • Grounds negative energies
  • Promotes stamina

Rekindle your passion with thisOrb of Opportunity Tiger’s Eye Necklace!


Item Type: Necklace
Material: Tiger Eye
Round beads: about 16mm
Necklace length: about25.9in adjustable

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