Orgone Uplifting Energy Bangle

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Negative energies and ions are present within the environments such as EMF or electromagnetic fields that harm your health and wellbeing but don’t worry as there are tools that help eliminate these effects.

OurOrgone Uplifting Energy Bangleis a piece that may help you get rid of unwanted negative energies of different forms! It is made of energizing orgone.

The power of orgone was incorporated into a product composing the elements of organic and non-organic materials. The organic materials attract and hold the orgone energy while the non-organic ones attract and repel the energy. The resin material was included due to the powerful particles released by metals. Quartz crystal is also added in the mix due to its piezoelectric properties to make the orgonite release its powerful energies even under pressure.

This Energizing Natural Orgonite Crystal Bracelet has a lot of benefits, some of it are:

  • Neutralize EMF or electromagnetic field emitted by electronic devices, grids and towers.
  • Cleanse negative energy
  • Improve sleep
  • Detoxifies water
  • Improve business, marriage, and academics
  • Aids in relaxation and meditation.

The power of orgone is compressed into a small sphere creating a piece that you could take anywhere you go!With the components of ourOrgone Uplifting Energy Banglereflected in its appearance, you’re definitely wearing an eye-catching piece and a conversation starter!


Item Type: Bangle
Metals Type: Copper
Stones: Amethyst, Green aventurine, Citrine, Rainbow Aura Quartz
Other Materials: Copper scraps, ResinPlating: Antique Bronze Plated

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