Orgonite Kyanite Eye of Horus Healing Necklace

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Carry a powerful necklace that was used in ancient times through thisOrgonite Kyanite Eye of Horus Healing Necklace.

In today’s society, the belief in the Eye of Horus as a symbol of protection, well-being, power, and sovereignty, and royalty is evident by its popularity in terms of jewelry design. Many people in the world stay captivated by the legends behind the Horus symbol, wearing it with a similar strong belief in the protection it offers. The popularity of the Eye of Horus continued way beyond the time of the ancient Egyptian civilizations and today many people use this symbol in several jewelries to protect against the ill will of those around them.

For something so little and excellent, kyanite can adjust all the chakras in your body and re-establish its equilibrium and harmony. It can release a calm impact on your being while at the same time keeping you focused. It’s because when the chakras are adjusted and open, you can uninhibitedly communicate what you think or feel.

Wear this Orgonite Kyanite Eye of Horus Healing Necklace and turn the odds in your favor.


Item Type:Necklace
Material: Kyanite, Metal
Chain Type: Rope Chain

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