Peridot Heart Chakra Healing Bracelet

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Peridots are considered as a curative remedy for healing Solar Plexus chakraand Heart chakra. It heals the chakra by giving them deep strength.

Peridot is believed to have been derived from the Arabic word “Friday”,which means “gem”, and from the Greek word “Peridona”, which means”something that provide richness”. Peridot is a magnesium-rich variety,which was earlier called as Olivine. Peridot will protect you from the influences of negative thoughts and emotions. It will spread love and compassion in you and will make you stay away from the feelings of hatred, envy, and revulsion. The Solar Plexus chakra, on the other hand, is the chakra that inculcates creativity, power, and self-esteem. Peridot, by cleaning the solar plexus chakra, enhances these powers.

Let the vibration ofthisPeridot Heart Chakra Healing Bracelethelp you receive positive power from the Universe on all levels of life.


Item Type: Bracelet
Chain Type: Rope Chain
Stone: Peridot
Bead Size: 8mm

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