Prosperity PiXiu Jade Bracelet

$ 22.95


Do you love being lucky If so, then this bracelet is perfect for you! Made with natural green Jade round beads and a hand-carved PiXiu charm, this bracelet is sure to bring you good luck and fortune for years to come.

Jade is a stone that brings happiness, wealth, and health. It’s even considered a very powerful healing stone that can help you through all o life’s challenges.It is also believed to keep away negative energy and protect you from danger. The PiXiu charm is beloved to be a symbol of protection as well.

Hang onto your newfound luck and good fortune with the beautifulProsperity PiXiu Jade Bracelet!


Item Type:Bracelet
Materials:Green Jade
Size: Approx.7in
Weight: about 35g
Bead Size: about 10mm

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