Pure Selenite Cleansing Bracelet

$ 20.00


Selenite is one of the most favorite crystals during ancient Greece, the name of it derived from the Greek word which means “moon”, because of its translucent color.

The transparent white color of it makes it called the stone of light. Selenite can assist with calming your brain,eradicates negative thoughts, get mental clearness andprotect you against psychic attacks.

This bracelet is made of natural materials and is purely handmade by our creative artisans for it to be long-lasting and highly functional.

It is often used to:

  • Fight against insomnia
  • Reestablish harmony
  • Ensure a peaceful atmosphere
  • Cleanse the toxins in your body

Get this Pure Selenite Cleansing Bracelet to reconnect with the angelic realm.


Item Type:Bracelet
Material: Selenite
Bead Size: about 8mm
Weight: about 17g
Total Size: about 16-18cm

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