Rainbow of Positivity Bracelet

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Agate is an excellent stone for rebalancing and harmonizing your body, mind and spirit. It cleanses and stabilizesyour aura, eliminating and transforming negativity.

This stone will curb your desire to accomplish many things all at once, even the things that you don’t need to do. It will help you better manage your time so that you will not feel overwhelmed.

The energies of Agate will calm, elevate, and uplift you. Even if you’re having a very busy and crazy day, you will still be able to relax and find peace and solitude.

Red Agatealso known as the Warrior’s Stone, has an orange to reddish hue. It strengthensyour inner balance and stability ?C this is mainly due to its ability to hold negative energies or even transform bad vibrations into positive ones.

Black Agateare good for sustaining positive energy, balancing out and removing negative energies. Itis primarily associated with the root chakra.

Yellow Agateis very much linked to bright ideas and forward-looking thinking.

Lapis Lazuliencourages taking charge ofyour life. It reveals inner truth, encourages self awareness and allows self expression without holding back or compromising.

Carnelianhelps ground you and anchor you to reality.If you want to have more honesty, more love, and more devotion in your life, this is the perfect stone for you.

Amethystis an excellentstone to have when you’re serious about building your personal wealth.It will help with growing your business or sharing your abundance with the people you love.

Blue Lace Agate isa stunning gemstone that can bring you to a higher state of consciousness.It helps you express your thought and feelings in the most beautiful and effective way possible, and it will neutralize any angry and negative emotion that you’re feeling.

Green Aventurine‘s spiritual meaningis that of the ‘heart healer’. It is linked to the heart chakra, the activator of love, appreciation, and inner harmony.

This Rainbow of Positivity Braceletis a must-have for the free-spirited!


Item Type:Bracelets
Gender: Unisex
Stones:Red Agate,Black Agate,Yellow Agate,Lapis Lazuli,Carnelian,Amethyst,Blue Lace Agate,Green Aventurine
Chain Type: Rope Chain
Beads Size: approx. 8mm – 10mm
Length: approx. 18cm – 19.6cm
Weight: 36g

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