Raj Yog Royal Treasure Bracelet

$ 20.99


A 2-in-1 bracelet, the combination of the attractive Amethyst and deep blue ocean Lapis Lazuli.

This violet Amethyst stone has been connected to emotional well-being improvement as far back as old fables. The valuable stone is known to send negative energies or spaces into positive ones. This is one of the most popular and striking valuable stones in extraordinary quality.

While Lapis Lazuli also has a ton of benefits you can get when you are asserting a stone like this. It can help youcool and ease aggravation, it diminishes a sleeping disorder, beats sadness, and dizziness. This is a valuable tool that can help you during an examination and hones and sharpen your memory. Lapis lazuli’s powerful properties make this valuable stone so significant and notable up to this period.

Get your ownRaj Yog Royal Treasure Bracelet to experience the royal powers of these gemstones!


Item Type: Bracelet
Material:Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Genuine Leather, Alloy
Size: approx6.9in

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