Rays of Abundance Raw Citrine Necklace

$ 25.97


Sometimes if you are feeling down or feel that life doesn’t go well with you, this golden honey Citrine helps to clear your negative thoughts and will replace them with a ton of positive energy.

So if you’re feeling sluggish, it can convert it to positive energy. Just place it directly on your body and it will help your body to eradicate stress specifically in the area on which it is placed.

Citrine’s healing properties can also improve your digestion and strengthen your endurance. In ancient times, people used these stones to purify the body, improve the circulation of their blood and strengthen their immune system.

It is also often used to:

  • Lessen chronic fatigue
  • Attract wealth and abundance
  • Purify the body

Get this to radiate and attract positivity through the Rays of Abundance Raw Citrine Necklace.

Item Type:
Materials: Citrine
Weight: about 10g
Size:about 2cm

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