Rebirth Malachite Bracelet

$ 19.97


Malachite in ancient times was called “the mirror of the soul”, thanks toits ability to change color depending on the psychological state of the owner.It can cause the ability to take risks and the desire for change.

Malachitehelps to get rid of unnecessary links and outdated patterns of behavior. Teaches how to take responsibility for their actions, thoughts and feelings. It destroys the psychological blocks and enhances the ability for empathy. Helps to overcome negative attitudes and psychological trauma.

Malachite has traditionally been considered a talisman of scientists. It helps absorb and process large amounts of information, and stimulates dreams.


Item Type: Bracelet
Metals Type: Zinc Alloy
Clasp Type: Easy-hook
Materials: Malachite, PU Leather
Length: 6.5 inches + 1 closure

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