Retro Natural Green Jade Dangling Flower Bracelet

$ 19.95


If you are seeking protection when traveling away from home, this Retro Natural Green Jade Dongling Flower Bracelet perfectly suits you.

As a gemstone that occurs in deposits across several countries, Jade benefits have been popular to humankind for over 6000 years. During ancient times, it was labeled as an imperial gem and held and treated it in the highest esteem, much like gold and diamonds in the Western world.

The primary energies of Jade are healing and protection, that’s why it was labeled as the “protective talisman” that can repel negative energies. Moreover, it has the power to strengthen your confidence that gives you strong will and courage.

To experience the imperial powers of it, get a Retro Natural Green Jade Dongling Flower Bracelet now


Item Type: Bracelet
Materials: Jade
Size: about 15.5cm

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