Smoky Double Point Amazonite Necklace

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“Crystals can detoxify the darkness inside your body and neutralizes it with lightness”

Smoky quartz is known to help with improving your mind, body and soul. It releases emotional baggage, heals old wounds, and encourages stability. It is known to associate us deeper with the Earth. According to a Celtic legend it is associated with the Druids. Smoky quartz was utilized by the Druids to develop and connect with the souls and to nature.

The beads are made of Amazonite stone, which is known as the stone of truth and helps with seeking your own definition of truth and expressing that truth to others. This permits you to feel generally associated with yourself. The Amazonite is a throat chakra stone that’s why if you have this, your communication skills will be enhanced and your intuition will become clearer.

It is also often used to:

  • Helps you keep grounded
  • Dispels negative energy
  • Detoxifies body

Get this fear-bustingSmokey Double Point Amazonite Necklace to keep yourself up in a stormy sea of thought!


Item Type: Necklaces
Materials:Smokey Quartz and Amazonite
Length: about 32 in

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