Smoky Quartz Mala & Bracelet Cleansing Set

$ 21.99


Smoky Quartz is believed to be the stone of power because of its ability to balance the root chakra and connect you to the Earth.

This translucent brown Smoky Quartz isn’t just sacred in Scottland, but it is also mentioned in Greek mythology wherein the goddess of magic-Hectate used this. In addition, it symbolizes the powers of the gods and goddesses of Earth.

This Smoky Quartz set is carefully chosen by our creative artisans to ensure that they are made of only high-quality materials. It also has a lot of healing benefits which include:

  • Tones your nerves
  • Blocks geopathic stress
  • Helps you to relax

Let go and surrender all the negative energiesand start manifesting positive energies using this Smoky Quartz Mala & Bracelet Cleansing Set!


Item Type:Jewelry Set
Mala length: about 106cm
Bracelet length:about 19cm

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