Stone of Agriculture Bracelet

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The Moss Agate stone is all about its calming energies. It has strong powers that boost your spirits and enhances your life. If you wear it as a piece of jewelry, you’d be left with the idea that it possesses healing qualities that you can feel especially if it touches your body.

The green tones it showcases makes a rich and verdant feature proving that it has an inseparable connection with nature. That’s why it is also often used in farming because it is believed that it could bring an abundant harvest.

While Jasper is said to moderate tension, balance energies, assist you with grounding, and could also animate innovativeness. It even cleanses your blood with its properties shielding you from negative energies.

Wear this and harvest all the healing benefits of the Stone of Agriculture Bracelet!


Item Type: Bracelet
Material:Moss Agate, Jasper
Bead Size: about 6mm

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