Sun And Moon Healing Stone Openwork Necklace

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For thousands of years, ancient civilizations have utilized the power of gemstonesand crystals to release mental, physical and spiritual blockages, thusfacilitating the free flow of energythroughout the body.We are naturally receptive to the vibrations of crystals as they transmit, reflect, store light and receive energy. When crystals are placed directly on your body, they have a powerful vibratory effect that surges from the crystal to you. These powerful stones that can be used for psychic development, psychic healing enhancement, aura cleansing, inner journeying, and to release tension.

The world has been illuminated by celestial bodies of the sky, the sun with its golden light in the morning and the moon with its silver glow in the evening with an endless horde of stars. Their existence since the beginning of time left a trail of countless legends and folklore telling their tale of infinite cycle. Ever mesmerized by the sun and the moon, we dive into the mystical power each carries in their domain as we follow the flow of the universe. The celestial combination of sun and the moon is essential in the balance of nature and make the world a brighter place. A flawless collaboration of masculine and feminine energy.

Designed to perfection, this Sun And Moon Healing Stone Openwork Necklace brings harmony and balance to the body and spirit. Each necklace is made with high quality metal alloy masterfully made into a beautiful and intricate sun and moon design that vibrates a truly mystic energy.

Feel the energy of cosmic infinity.

Product Details:

  • Item Type:Pendant Necklace
  • Item Condition:Brand New
  • Material:Natural Stone, Metal Alloy
  • Pendant Size:3.5cm x 2.3cm|1.4in x 0.9in
  • Chain Length:45cm | 17.72in
  • Chain Type:Ball Chain
  • Clasp Type:Lobster Clasp
  • We do not ship to APO, FPO address
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